Where and When do I go to renew or get my drivers license?

The Driver's License Office is located in the basement of the Courthouse and is open on Mondays and Fridays with the following schedule:

Renewals:                  8:30 am til 12:00 and 1:00 pm til 4:15 pm
Written Test:              8:30 am til 11:00 and 1:15 pm til 3:20 pm
Road Test:                 8:30 am til 11:00 and 1:30 pm til 3:30 pm

No road tests are given on rainy days.

An original license or permit requires 2 proofs of domicile indicating physical address. P.O. Box # are not sufficient. The Office also does not accept personal checks.

The basic license fees are:
 Drivers License $21
Comm D            $26
Comm ABC       $41
ID Card              $14
Duplicate             $8